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Our Products and Solutions


Build the next cool and useful thing with the KiteBoard, an innovative platform for making mobile devices, connected embedded systems and turnkey IoT solutions. It enables developers to build and commercialize feature-rich devices and solutions in shorter lead time.

With a sub-credit card size of 70 mm x 50 mm, and a low profile (8 mm height with all connectors), it is small enough to build custom devices quickly.

KiteBoard natively runs Android and comes in two variants depending on the LTE configurations. One variant is customized for North America, while the other variant is designed for use in Europe & rest of the world.


SureTouch-RT is a cloud based medical device comprised of a wireless sensor, a touch screen display, and the cloud-based SureTouch network, which is used to detect breast cancer. It can be used as a complementary aid to the standard Clinical Breast Examination (CBE) conducted by a General Practitioner (GP)/OBG during medical check-up.

Most importantly, the SureTouch-RT enables remote screening for breast cancer. This feature is relevant in India, where more than 70% of the female population lives in rural areas with little or no access to medical facilities.


Eclair is an interactive and digital education solution that has an engaging content with text, animation and video with attributes like - better subject comprehension by interactive interface & reasoning. It’s platform facilitates device and usage management. With a longer battery life, it enables for faster data download using 3G and Wi-Fi.

ARI Tablet

Designed on Qualcomm chipset license for consumer and enterprise needs, ARI tablet is the first ‘Made in India’ 3G tablet of the world.

Ari Silver is more than just a new tablet device. This professional-grade tablet is a product of some high-quality engineering efforts. Ari Silver offers amazing speed and performance and let you multitask capturing life and work. It is a sleek, smart and a powerful business machine.

Ari comes in multiple vibrant colors that best matches your personality.

ARI Driver Assist

The Ari Driver Assist is a dashboard or rear-view mirror mounted stand-alone unit that helps the driver with efficient and safe driving. It employs a forward (out of the windshield) facing the camera to detect and warn the driver of obstacles & pedestrians in front of the car.

The Driver Assist is available as a reference design for OEM / enterprise customization & white-labeling. It is targeted at enterprises that either own, operate or are responsible for fleets of vehicles.


Numix is a computer vision based Video Analytics Solution (ANPR/LPR IP). It works on any camera feed. Tested for multiple cameras, Numix can be ported on to embedded platforms. The solution is portable to smartphones (Numix mobile application).

ANPR System

ANPR is a surveillance system that is developed using Machine Learning (ML) and Image Processing (IP) techniques. It has a primary capability of capturing images of vehicles and identifying their license number. It helps identify traffic lawbreakers and is used as security control in sensitive and restricted areas like military zones or area around government offices e.g. Parliament, Supreme Court, etc.


It is a purpose-built platform for enterprises to secure and manage mobile devices, applications and content.

Ari MDM enables device management and monitoring with a simple yet intuitive management console. It enables policy enforcement with configurable restrictions across individuals and device groups based on roles, locations etc.

Our ARI line of enterprise-grade Android tablets is based on the Qualcomm MSM8916 SoC. They provide excellent performance together with wireless LAN and cellular connectivity for business solutions.