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About iSQUARE Mobility

Founded in the year 2012 with a specific goal of becoming the go-to design house for end-to-end mobility solutions across hardware, software, and cloud, iSQUARE Mobility has come a long way.

It has a mandate to work towards a better India by making a positive impact on the lives of professionals in the public health and education sector by solving day to day problems through clever innovations and cutting-edge technology. iSQUARE Mobility has been a pioneer and developed vertical-specific connected device solutions across various domains.

Our global technology and software partners allow us to leverage their capabilities, and we are proud to work towards a better India by taking advantage of the “Make in India” campaign for India.

Introducing Kite

Making your own device has never been easier. Kite is world’s first DIY modular smartphone kit that empowers one and all to build a smartphone with just a screwdriver. It is a powerful Android smartphone that offers a surreal Android experience to its users.

Using this kit, common electronic components (sensors, raspberry Pi HATs & pHATs, batteries, antennas) & a 3D printer, you can build the many different devices that have all the features of a smartphone, yet customized to meet your exact needs. Build a powerful smartphone yourself and take your hacks with you.

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iSQUARE Mobility Amongst Top 8 Finalist in QDIC

The Qualcomm Design in India Challenge –2018 (QDIC 2018) is a continuation of the initiative by Qualcomm that was started in 2016 to encourage design houses and product companies to invent useful and innovative hardware product designs incorporating Qualcomm chipset platforms and technologies.

Several companies participated in the QDIC challenge out of which eight finalists were selected through a rigorous selection process and iSQUARE Mobility was one of them. It was selected for its concept of portable wireless tele-medical solution to pre-screen breast cancer.

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iSQUARE Mobility for Pre-Screening of Breast Cancer

Awareness about breast cancer and the importance of its early screening is still not widespread in India. By the time a patient goes to the doctor, they have either reached a stage where it is medically untreatable or are in the terminal stage. iSQUARE played a part in making the software for the AMC Healthcare programme initiatives in India.

Public health programmes in India are increasingly focusing on women’s health, pregnancy-related concerns and prevention of foetal and newborn deaths. We believe that we need to make breast cancer screening a part of country’s health initiatives and covered by public health programmes.

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